Dec. 29th, 2011

Made it.

Dec. 29th, 2011 04:17 pm
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Home now. I'm still being closely monitored but the doctor released me to my own bed. Which is nice since I just missed being stuck in isolation. Something bad was going around my ward and my roommate caught it.

I was cleared thankfully, but they didn't want to chance me getting anything while my system is still busy restoring itself. The Iv holes hurt like hell and bled quite a bit and my other arm is not happy from all the vampire visits, and my stomach is bruised from all the injections but I have clothes on and a comfy bed. Also my family. Which I missed terribly.

Still have a horrid headache and dizziness and far too much weak-feeling but I am alive and have my tablet again. So I can at least draw while on meds, which is always amusing.

I'll continue to keep you guys updated though. I should be fully cleared in a week or two if things continue to go well.

Oh. And if you breath on me, I bruise. Stupid blood-thinners...

Also walking around has made me nauseous. going to take some getting use to.
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Here have art since I can't settle down. The first you didn't see earlier because of hospital timing and the second was a gift to myself for coming home.

The Morning After )

Fanservice makes everyone feel better )


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