Jan. 1st, 2012

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First artwork for 2012!!

Yeah it's Tiger & Bunny, well Nathan/Antonio + Kotetsu to be exact... BUT! It's all coloured on one layer!! Yup! I decided to challenge myself and did the whole thing, bg and characters all on one layer! The colours that happened because of that I think are pretty cool ^___^

So over all I am pleased. Plus this is a bribe to get more fic, so hopefully it works >>;

Anyways, please enjoy!

This is what happens when you show up after hours... )

Also...O kind of over-did it yesterday trying to help mom clean and get stuff ready for New Years so...I've been basically grounded and confined to bed/one level which means I'm bored. I'm going to go through unfinished art and work on it but if anyone wants to give my prompts to do in between I'd appreciate it!! I'll accept anything from :

One Piece
Tiger & Bunny
Disgaea 4
....well those are the ones sticking in my head right now. You can request from others, but there is less chance it'll get done ^^;

And for those of you new here, you can request pretty much anything. I mean I've done tentacles and dragon-porn and have gone the full range from crackish to smutty. The only things I will not draw is rape.

...I hate being stuck in one place *pouts*


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