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Forgot to mention some of the nice stuff that came out of hospital trip.

You know how most people get flowers or baskets of goodies sent to them while in the hospital? Well I got a Sleigh full of goodies!!

And it's made of wood and when I'm better I'll make a nice little blanket to go inside and Delmar and Stray will fit quite nicely into it!

Yeah, not the greatest pic of me, but what can you do? Well you could always admire my hat, because it is awesome and stayed with me because I wanted a small piece of comfort. If you can see a white fuzzy bunny in there, that is what mom bought me to cuddle. I named him Spatula. Don't know why...

But the other thing that came out of this, I realized just how much I meant to mom and Lee. Both of them slept in till noon today, finally relieved that I was home and I swear all night I could feel a hand holding mine. I'm pretty sure they were constantly checking up on me and even today...they're always passing by and just checking up on me.

It's a nice feeling.

...although I bled on my brand new sheets last night ;___; Shouldn't have taken the bandage off the IV hole near my elbow...

Ah well. Still confined to bed, so expect more art as I have NOTHING else to do...
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