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Another T&B art dump.

.....actually all this art has been helping improve my anatomy. Possibly. I think?

It's fun at least, which is what I need right now. Hope you guys aren't getting sick of it?

OH!!! There is one pic with Ace and Fire Emblem swapping clothes in case anyone (besides me) is interested ^^;

Come on. you KNOW he would...

“Are you done yet?”

“Nope. Not till you purr.”


“I don’t care what you do or say next, just let me have this moment.”

“Why? Just….why?”

“Well, you were drunk and-“

“Drunk does NOT mean put me in a Tiger-bodysuit!!!”

“It’s suppose to be sleepwear, so it should be softer then a bodysuit.”

“….okay, yeah. It was comfy, but still! Where would you even get one?”

“Nathan had it custom made a while back.”

“I didn’t need to know that.”

“He has other stuff too like that-“

“DON’T NEED TO KNOW!!! I am NEVER getting drunk with you again!”

“Hey! Don’t blame me! It was Barnaby’s idea!”

“Bunny did this to me??”

“Well, Keith and I had to hold up your body, but yeah, he put it on.”

“….I’m not thinking of this anymore….. Where are my regular clothes?”

“Nathan’s got them. It’s laundry day there so we threw your stuff in as well.”

“So now what am I going to wear?”

“Do you really want me to answer that?”

“…” was suppose to be a sketch. That failed..... But I kind of want a fic to go with it >>;

So there you go!! ((sorry images get cut off in LJ, but I didn't want to shrink them down so, uh, right click and view image that way?))
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