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The Tv in the next bed is far too loud...

But, some good news? The doctor will be seeing me tomorrow morning with a possible discharge. My blood pressure is quite low and I'm still getting injections in my stomach, and the headaches are still bad...but they might let me go home and have a nurse visit me.

We shall see.

I would probably have to go the labs for a blood test each day though since the blood thinner dosage is dependant on that...


I guess in a way it would be easier for me to be in here, but I'm ready to go home (and get the IVs out). Even if I'll still be in rough shape. Thanks for all the support guys. I smiled for the first time in a week when I read all the comments.

So, cross your fingers for me?


Dec. 27th, 2011 08:47 pm
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Didn't want to post this till after Christmas...well, actually, I didn't want to post this till I was home, but I have no idea when that will be.

I'm in the hospital. Have been since last Thursday. There was more to my fall then we first thought.

Tuesday: fall happened
Wednesday: I'm sore and just slightly groggy
Thursday: Can't walk straight, can't think properly and can barely stay awake for 20 minutes at a time.

Mom came home from work, rushed me to hospital, nurse there had me priority and then rushed me in. Had a CT scan and they found a blood clot in my neck.

...I nearly died.

Spent Christmas here. Am finally unhooked from the two IVs, but I'm getting injections in my stomach. The blood thinners they have me on seem to be working, but I'm still getting massive pain in my head and have to be on Tylenol 3s all day. Also, yesterday had a sliht relapse where my brain wasn't working properly. They've done an MRI ((which was not fun)) and I'm not in the trauma ward so I guess it's just a waiting game.

Mom is a mess. And Lee is not much better.

To be honest I'm still scared. I refuse to look up anything on blood clots because going through it was terrifying enough...but yeah. I just couldn't stay silent anymore. I can't do much of anything besides a bit of reading and some sketching when my arm doesn't hurt too bad and my head clears up.

But I can honestly say this was the worst Christmas ever. I feel horrible for my family...

Anyways, now you know why I've been silent and I don't know when I'll get home. If anyone wants to call here, you can. I just can't promise I'll always be uhh...well aware is the best word I guess. The number is 705-739-5666 ext. 33661 My family visits between 3-8 but other then that, I'm just sitting in bed trying to brush up on my sketching.


I've been trying to be brave, but I just want to cry. I keep remembering watching mommy fall apart and realizing that she almost lost me. A few more hours and that could have been it.

All because of a stupid fall. I'm so glad I mentioned the bruising on my neck. That strangling feeling was real, only it was happening from the inside.

Mom was the one who said I should tell people, that you'd want to know, but I didn't want to ruin anyone else's Christmas. Although the staff did their best and the daughter of the lady next to me brought me a present so that I had something to open Christmas morning.

Still, I want to go home.
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More fanart!

What Friends are for! ) a word of advice.

Never wake someone who takes something like Seroquel, especially when they've had one extra then they normally do ((although well within the limits of what I'm allowed)) and ask them to function. Mom did that to me last night and well, she and brother discovered how hard it is to try and move a completely limp rag-doll my shape and size.

I have quite a few bruises covering my body to say it did not go well, although I just remember wanting to get back to bed, feeling sick and far away and not being able to move. It was kinda like being drunk and partly over-dosed....

Not fun. Neither is still feeling drugged this morning. Which probably explains the above drawing...

Also, I am not going out without a scarf because there is a massive bruise across my neck. Thankfully my hat hides the ones on my forehead. many walls did I hit?
luco: (facepalm) I'm bored while waiting for the commission sketch to be approved of.

And I want to draw Tiger & Bunny art. (instead of cleaning >>;)

My mind is dead though. Any suggestions? Only seen to episode 7 though...


One piece of art managed to happen >>;

Waiting sucks )
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[ profile] ladyharken and [ profile] elmina the chocolates arrived!!! And you got my two favoruites! I adore Mint and Dark chocolate!!


And for everyone else...yeah, I started watching Tiger & Bunny.


Expect art once I`m done this last commission. I want badly to do some right now ((mostly because Tiger is so damn adorable and just...well you can probably picture the hearts and sparkles around me. And his voice, I could listen that forever *happy sigh*)) BUT I am being good.

Also, [ profile] onikotsu is a goddess and deserves much love. MUCH MUCH MUCH love.

That is all.
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A LOT of people have been poking me and asking me to watch Tiger & Bunny.


Can any of you tell me if this is a good thing? I even had a guy cosplaying ...the Tiger guy is escaping me, get down on his knees and ask me to, mainly because he wanted more of my buttons.

Which is awesome and flattering but at the same time 'bwah?!'

So, has anyone here seen it?
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In short, this post will cover the following:

-My trip to Elliot Lake
-The Con
-My biopsy and exploration of a castle
-Some photos of my decorated studio!

Let's begin )

And that is all!! Hope you enjoyed! Now to work on a dragon!

I did it!!

Dec. 14th, 2011 02:20 pm
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I shall catch up on comments this evening. I would do so now, but I'm actually feeling productive so hopefully I can get some cleaning, decorating, cookie-making and art done!

Then I'll be chatty.

For now, here, have this year's Christmas Card. Nothing too fancy, but I think it's cute?

And fluffy! )

If there is anyone new on my f-list this year that would like a card, just message me an address and I'll add you to the list. For now, I'm off to do stuff!


Dec. 12th, 2011 11:23 pm
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This is for anyone who would like to see me in a dress.

Beware! )

The guy with me is a good friend and although he did take two pics of just me alone, he sent the one together. Brother had vanished at this time, so you don't get to see his awesome Kuybey shirt ;__; In the background you can see two guys chatting with each other. They usually cosplay with me (Persona and One Piece mostly) The one holding my schoolbag and stuff is 'my' Zoro from WAAAAAY back when.

....yeah, my feelings haven't changed from then either.

ANYWAYS...still working on getting in shape, but I'm not looking too bad these days ^___^ And I want more dresses >>;


Dec. 12th, 2011 10:17 am
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Dragon Picture in progress!

This is just a section of him.... )

I do like playing with markers.
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Went to a late birthday dinner for my brother. It was yummy.

Got embarrassed by my mom (and second mom) and ended up with some phone numbers.


Am now home, but too tired to decorate. Thankfully most of the cleaning is done. Mom has the camera so I can't get the trip photos right now... Oh and Puku is playing in a box of shiny garland and such. He seems to be having fun. All I can see are little gray ears hopping around.

Randomly, I'm thinking of doing Otakon this coming year. Just have to figure out when to apply for a table (and hope I get it) and wondering if anyone was going that I could share a hotel with since I can't seem to get a hold of Maile ;_____;

I'm up for a weekend adoption?? I stay quiet and out of the way ((since mostly I'm at the table)) and really just put something caffeinated near me and all is good!!

...there was another thing I was suppose to mention....hmmmmm. . .

Oh yeah!! I forgot to say before I have two new dresses that I'm kinda in love with! A dark navy blue and white lace gothic lolita dress ((that was a gift)) and a red stain dress ((that was $5 in a second-hand shop in Elliot Lake and fits perfectly!!)) Will see if I can get good pictures!!

And [ profile] maderr ? Do you have anything else with Lynx or the Rapier brothers? I've been using commission money on Less Than Three Press books and those two really caught my attention...I'm greedy and am hoping there is more.

Now...I should be doing the christmas card....but I cannot seem to focus on it. My mind wants to work on anything else BUT. Although, does anyone wanna see an in-progress pic of one of the marker dragons I'm doing? He's really cool and scaley and will glow so lovely ((if I get the shading right))

...I'm slightly giggly tonight. I think they put rum in my coke. . .

Uh yeah....

Dec. 5th, 2011 05:53 pm
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More One Piece Christmas Crack!

Dear Santa,

I've been REALLY good, so...can I just have one of your elves?

Please?? )

Just another quick sketch, because I have other stuff I SHOULD be focusing on >>;
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I posted this on Tumblr, but I might as well put it here as well, so you know, you can tell me to stop.

....because I kinda want to do more, but am a little scared.

One Piece Holiday Crack )

....I blame this on too many candy canes and hot chocolate?
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Still a little too lazy to go through all my photos and write up a long trip post, so here! Have some Vocaloid Christmas art!!

Because no other art is actually working for me >>;

I love Candy Cane season! )

That is all.
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So, this was my introduction to how big a moose is:

It's big, believe me )

As you can tell I is home. Not fully better, but past the immediate danger. Elliot Lake was an interesting place to visit.

It was also awesome reference for my comic since it's a small kinda closed off city. I got to see how people reacted to someone new as well as people that 'belonged'. Also got to see how the stores may have the same name but VERY different stock.

Quite informative.

Elliot Lake was also home to a Uranium Mine. Well, actually, it looks like the mine might be re-opened...

But! There was a museum there for the mine filled with old surveyor's tools and the mine plans and such. It also had a section for animals hunted and trapped in the area, which is where I met the moose. I took a lot of pictures of the tools and such if anyone is interested and tried to get clear shots of some of the text that goes with it. There was a whole flow chart for the process of the uranium ore and another huge chart of what all the bell signals were for the mine. There are a LOT of different ones.

I was fascinated.

Anyways, I have cleaning and decorating to work on ((as well as 5 big commissions all due before christmas >_<)), but all I really wanna do is some silly sketching.


May do that anyways.

Will talk more about the trip later.
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So, I thought I had gotten better.

Man was I wrong.

Was in Walmart with mom looking for an orange-scented air freshener to put under the Christmas Tree ((to keep the cats from peeing there)) when all of a sudden, I stopped breathing.

Did you know they make almond scented sprays? And hazelnut is popular in the seasonal scents?


So now it's back to wearing the mask and getting stopped by police/being avoided/eyed/having security called/whispered about/etc...


Some days it's really hard to smile.
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Well, now that Kaito is done ((or that pic at least)) I started work on the Christmas ornaments I'm painting ^___^ They are for a craft show in a few weeks and...oh...hold on a minute. Got to praise the cat for bringing me a dead mouse.


Okay, that's done, now back to this!

As I was saying! I'm painting the ornaments the same way I'd do the designs on my fabric and I promised a few people I'd show in progress pics! I'll be posting them on Tumblr ((and do a mass post here later)), but THIS one I had to share here simply because I look very ummm...'intense' about wanting to show you this shiny ball....

Look! or else... )

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Finally!!! He;s finished! Not completely pleased with it. He's far too stiff. BUT it was my first attempt at drawing him and that usually happens. Really, it was just a chance to play with colours and pretty little lights.

Can anyone make an icon of him for me? Please? )

And now...I should spend the rest of the day painting ornaments like a good little girl.

I really should.
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This is the picture I've been working on recently. For some reason it's taking a LOT longer then I thought it would....

Still, tell me it's coming along okay, please?

I do adore his hips... )
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The Strong World WatchAlong went AMAZING!!!

It was too much fun to be able to Squee and rant and cry with fellow fans through-out the movie! It was like being packed in a Movie Theatre with only awesome people who all thought very-scarily like yourself!

I'm still grinning like an idiot.

AND of course, the Strong World Fest post is going strong *snickers* now that everyone is inspired ^___^ I have a feeling once everyone has had a chance to sleep and regain the energy lost during the squeeing that there will be lots of awesome art and fics appearing!

I've already done three sketches >>;

I'll post them here, although they may not make much sense to people who haven't read all the comments and such, but, art is art!

Oh yeah, VERY sketchy )

Oh and uh, Brook/Sanji is a pairing I now want to play with >> ((please tell me I'm not the only one))


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