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I DID IT!!!!

I was up till a little past midnight and it's not as good as I had wanted, BUT, I met my deadline!!! So here, you can see the finished pain-in-the-ass Giant Robot!

He does look kinda awesome though... )

It's funny. Even though my hand hurts like hell and I wanna crawl back in bed, I can't help but smile. I feel like an artist again!! I just wanna draw and draw and draw!! But I know that I should give myself a bit of a break, so today will be devoted to getting those pics printed and delivered and then cleaning while listening to silly Vocaloid music!

Because yeah....this work area is a little disgusting.
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Barbie is finally done! She was a PAIN to do and I'm not happy with her, but...I have to post her because the wings...they kinda make me happy ^^;

This is just for the wings! )

And now onto colouring Optimus Prime, which...will actually be easier because really, the inking does most of the work for me. Still, wish me luck! i want to get it done by tonight so that I have all of tomorrow for printing and framing and any errors that wish to show up during that whole process!

Because if something is time-sensitive, something will always go wrong.
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Never again am I drawing Transformers!


...well at least not with a less then one week deadline that also includes another picture as well >_<

But! I've got him drawn and inked!! It only took 12 hours and killed my hand but hey it's done! Now I can colour, after inking Barbie...

Anyways, thought I would share what he looks like now. Don't expect accuracy >>; It's to please a 10 year old boy, not a true fan.

Oh and THANK YOU SO MUCH both [ profile] devlinnreiko and [ profile] misskalloway

Here you go! )
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Wow we had a lovely thunder storm today! The thunder was so loud that I actually felt the house vibrate.

It was soooo cool!!!!

Anyways....guess what?! I'm actually being good and working on commissions again!! And to prove it, I have a sketch! It needed to be shared because the girls are ADORABLE!!! At least I think so...

And because I can, I am also posting (traditional)sketches of another Ace/Marco pic and a sorta Ace/Smoker pic....

All are worksafe ^^;

This way is art! )

Also....anyone have any good recommendations for upbeat-dancey type songs and sexy ones? I need new stuff to draw too...

And one last note. I am very bouncy today. And I don't know why.
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Hey look! More playing with [ profile] maderr 's Rook and Noor!

Not exactly what you asked for [ profile] nikerymis but I hope you somewhat enjoy? )

The image smacked me upside the head and it's one of the few things I can focus on while family is doing their last minute vacation panic...

I'll probably do another one later ^^;

((they've invaded my brain and won't listen to the word 'no'))
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I'm severely annoyed and frustrated today. No I won't go into details, just know that it's a day where you wanna tear things(people) apart and scream, cry and laugh while you do so.

But, sitting here just thinking about it will not help and a hot shower, a good book on the porch swing, and some exercise have sadly done nothing sooooo....the only other cure for this foul mood that I can think of is cuteness!

So CHIBI PROMPT!!!! Tell me a character you wanna see Chibi! I don't care if it's your own, a real person, anime, western cartoon, video game, etc.

((and on a side-note....during the summer, once I'm caught up on commissions and convention stuff is fairly stable, I will be going back through my journal and completing all the unfinished prompts. It's one of my goals for this year >>;))
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Well, this was inspired by [ profile] maderr and her lovely boys Rook and Noor. I have no idea if it's even close to what she pictures, but hey, it's a start and if it wrong then just means I have to try again and do more art.

Oh dear, what a shame.

Got you )

It's just a quick coloured thing that was inspired by the fact that Noor is known as 'Ghost'. Mainly trying to get a feel for them and really, I just wanted to play around >>;

Hopefully [ profile] maderr doesn't kill me ^^
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Yeah. That really says it all. Oh! And someone (can't remember who) wanted proof that, yes, I'm actually still physically healthy and alive and not a zombie, so here:

Have photo! )
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Am still practicing the Danny Phantom style ((it's harder then it looks to get it right >>;)), but decided to take a break and switch to critters before I shot myself! And this guy has been sitting around on computer, inked, but not coloured.

Until today.

I quite like him!

Air Dragon )
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FINALLY! This page of Legend just did NOT want to work! And I am still not pleased with the art at all....

I blame Zoro. I don't think he likes getting randomly hugged and therefore refused to be drawn anywhere near proper. Stubborn bastard....

But here! Next page!

Legend Page 45 )

And thanks guys for all the references and links! I'm going through them and creating a starting list for myself! Also, just reading your comments and seeing the reactions you had to each others lists and opinions was informative as well. It's actually really interesting just to sit back and watch. A whole story can be told just through that! that I've been good, I can finally sketch some Danny Phantom!! *happy dance* But first...I should practice the style a bit >>;

*loves to all*

And I'll keep you informed about the self-teaching bit. Well, you'll probably see it show up in my art as I learn....
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Woke up this morning and this picture would not let me be until I finished it. Avatar sketch with Toph and Uncle. I kinda like the whole feel of it though >>;

A New Day Begins Now )

Legend will be completed tomorrow since it's being a pain. I am soooo out of practice...
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Have been bored and moody today and so I did a quick sketch for the inceptionkinkmeme. Nothing explicit, just Arthur and Eames in simple Venetian masks. I kinda like how it turned out though...

Hidden in a corner )

I think I'm getting the hang of their facial structure, finally.

Oh. And thank you guys for yesterday.
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Well, the girls are starting to take control of my art it seems....

The next pic I wanted to work on was Katara surfing. And while there are a few things wrong with it, I'm still very pleased with the over-all happy, cheerful, free feeling of it.

She makes me smile.

Take control )


Jan. 3rd, 2011 02:06 pm
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Was going through the old Avatar sketches I did and well, I found one that I had wanted to colour right from the very moment I finished it. It's an Azula pic and damn does her grin creep me out. And yet, at the same time makes me proud that I drew it >>; Oh well. The background on this one kinda turned out cool too.


All you're taught is all you know )

I also think I want an icon of her because some days...that expression matches exactly how I want to feel...


Dec. 30th, 2010 08:41 pm
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My Avatar Rainbow pic is complete!!

What do you think? )
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Well not yet since this is just the quick sketch, but I thought I'd share it since it just hit me and demanded I draw! It's Avatar art and will follow the colour theme I started with my last pic ^____^

So...opinions (and encouragement) would be nice.

All the colours of the wind... )


Dec. 28th, 2010 11:15 am
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With the New Year coming up, I've decided I want to start it cheerfully and with colour! Which I am working on ^___^ I've started cleaning up my studio space and my room will be next. My fishies are going to move down here witgh me so I can watch their brightly coloured fins move through pretty silver lights. I'm going to update Delmar and Stray's wardrobes and make plushies of characters I love! Puku will get a nice comfy blanket and all the statues that I can afford to keep will be displayed!

It will be lovely! And cheerful!

And I only have a few New Year's Resolutions:

-Make sure I do something fun everyday
-Remember that I'm human and set more realistic goals for myself
-Love more- myself and those around me.

So, to begin this campaign of colour and fun, I made myself a new wallpaper ^___^ It's Phineas and Ferb (because they will always remind me to do something with each day given to me) and it's full of colour and cheer and well, even if you don't know the show, I hope it'll make you smile!

Because seriously, who DOESN'T want a rocket-powered-magical-paintbrush? )

((and if anyone else wants to use it the bigger version is here))


Dec. 21st, 2010 11:16 pm
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Just a double-sided bookmark commission I finished this afternoon.

I'm kinda proud... )
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As a treat to myself, everytime I reach a mini goal in the calendar art (inking, background, base colours, etc...) I let myself do one quick sketch!

In this post there are two of them. One from yesterday and one for today. Both are Bunny!Eames/Arthur.


You heard that right. Need to compliment all the Cat!Arthur going around.

So here:

This way for silliness? )

Yeah I know, they are really rough, but hey, I'm still trying to figure them out >>;

Now back to work on September....


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