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Trying to stay cheerful...

A One Piece/Fairy Tail crossover chibi pic!

Yummy? )
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First off, another button!

Lucy Button )

Not as happy with her as the others, but I still quite like her ^__^;

And next...I love conventions. The mad rush before it, trying to get costumes and art done, getting things printed and cut, and punched and sewed, priced, labeled, displayed, packed and still doing more art on top of that right up to the few hours before you go stand in line....

It stresses me out, but I love it.

I always feel the most alive preparing and going to Cons. The art I get done and the ideas that hit me are (I feel) amazing! I love planning it out and dressing up and going to meet people and seeing their reactions. I love being in that crowd, even when they are pushy and loud and sometimes mean. Everything feels so alive and wonderful and just...I don't know.

If I could, I would just spend the year going to different Cons across North America. Hey, who knows, maybe one year my art will be good enough, that they'll be happy to have me ^___^ Maybe I could be one of those artists that people go to cons to see!

That would be awesome.

So yeah...AN is this weekend and I still has lots to do ((mostly because I always plan to do too much ^__^)) thus you probably won't hear from me much until after that! I'll still show you art as it gets done and if you wanna see cosplay stuffs I can show you that, but otherwise, I will be sewing/painting/sculpting/drawing/drinking LOTS of coffee!!!

And thinking of all of you of course!

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Easiest button ever!!


Because he's always taking his clothes off, thus no complicated outfits ^____^

Yes, I'm talking about Gray )

I quite like how he turned out. The buttons this year are looking awesome!!

At least I think so >>; I'm think I'm just having more fun or something....

Anyways, now that I've been somewhat good and focused the past few days, I'm taking a break and drawing semi-porn! Why? Because I can! So there!

*runs off*
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Well, [ profile] ukiiukii came to visit me Monday and stayed till...uh, I think he left around 5am this morning? I'm not sure... I tried to stay up as long as I could, but sadly medication did not allow me to see him off.


His visit was awesome though!!! I got out and about, we spent time down at the Waterfront ((and had fun on a plasticy floaty dock thing)), ranted and raved about One Piece (plotted how to revive the little Marco/Ace part of fandom...and bring more people over to it...*HINT*)), and other related bits of awesomeness and I had someone around who understood me!! We spent hours each just drawing ((well, me drawing and distracting him with random sketches and videos...)) and chatting!

....sadly, he also believes that he's my part-time bodyguard and thus I was watched over and forced to eat regular meals. *grumbles* But, he is a good cook so they tasted good! I still firmly believe that Coffee is indeed breakfast.

So, for those trying to contact me, that is what happened. But! I did get two more buttons done and a lot of sketching so that's yeah!!! Here you can see them:

Erza and Marco buttons! )

That is all for now.

Now I need to go eat before I get in long-distance trouble...
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Broke my nose today.

Don't ask was really REALLY stupid >>;

BUT!! That means I'm on a lovely dose of painkillers and I always do awesome/weird art on painkillers and benadryl. Just ask anyone who went to school with me. They'll agree...

Anyways, I just finished the first of some new buttons and thought you'd like to see!

Natsu makes an AWESOME button! )

And...he kinda expresses my feelings right at this moment perfectly ^_______^
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I don't think I posted this, but this is the pic I spent most of the time in the hospital working on. Fairy Tail made me want to bring out the markers and colour traditionally and so I did ^___^ It was fun and I'm learning to keep things a little brighter.

Natsu and a dragon )

Also, you will probably be seeing a lot of fanart ((more so then usual >>;)) from me since convention season is starting for me and I need to update my work.

Speaking of which...One Piece fans! You know my new bookmark style, so which outfits/designs would you prefer for the Strawhat crew? Classic, Time Skip, Strong World, etc...

I'm also going to be doing Ace, Shanks, Whitebeard, Marco, Trafalgar Law for sure. Any others that you'd like to see done? This also includes button art.

I'm sticking to smallish stuff right now, since Anime North is still not a guaranteed thing and so I won't have the money to spend on prints and such...

Anyways, I'm off to vote and then there needs to be some cleaning done before I properly settle in and do art! I need to clear space and take inventory of supplies.


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