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So I talked to the doctor.

I was told this is going to take quite some time to recover from and that the first month or two will be hell as they try to find the right dosage to keep my blood thin enough to go to my brain but not too thin that it causes other damage....or lets the clot move.

Which would be bad.

...also, I'll have to go for another MRI, I think it was, because my reaction times and memory are worse then they were before the fall. Hopefully that is nothing permanent. In the mean-time I'm simply to rest and try and stay relaxed.

That would have worked, except I caught a cold, and having a sore, swollen throat, while coughing a lot is NOT good when you have a clot in your throat. So now, that is another session with doctors and close observation and really....I'll be happy when all this is over.

Thus today I'm going to drink tea ((from my pretty swan teapot)), have my cough drops beside me, a warm blanket over me and I'm just going to draw and read and ignore the rest of the world. Well, except my bunny who seems to know I'm not well and does his best to make me smile and demands cuddles and petting.

Here, you can have some of the art I've been doing. Ace managed to sneak his way in! And you can see two in-progress pics of the pic I'm working on right now so yeah?

Stuff to look at? )
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Have some more sketches to post!! From Tumblr, so if you are there, you are seeing this again...

Mostly T & B with one One Piece one ^___^ )

That is all...for now...

And question. What do you think of this style?

Oh and tonight I will be responding to comments...since I'm a little calmer now and can actually if you've been commenting, expect to have your inbox full ^^;

....I think I'm going to need some T & B icons >>

Uh yeah....

Dec. 5th, 2011 05:53 pm
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More One Piece Christmas Crack!

Dear Santa,

I've been REALLY good, so...can I just have one of your elves?

Please?? )

Just another quick sketch, because I have other stuff I SHOULD be focusing on >>;
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I posted this on Tumblr, but I might as well put it here as well, so you know, you can tell me to stop.

....because I kinda want to do more, but am a little scared.

One Piece Holiday Crack )

....I blame this on too many candy canes and hot chocolate?
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The Strong World WatchAlong went AMAZING!!!

It was too much fun to be able to Squee and rant and cry with fellow fans through-out the movie! It was like being packed in a Movie Theatre with only awesome people who all thought very-scarily like yourself!

I'm still grinning like an idiot.

AND of course, the Strong World Fest post is going strong *snickers* now that everyone is inspired ^___^ I have a feeling once everyone has had a chance to sleep and regain the energy lost during the squeeing that there will be lots of awesome art and fics appearing!

I've already done three sketches >>;

I'll post them here, although they may not make much sense to people who haven't read all the comments and such, but, art is art!

Oh yeah, VERY sketchy )

Oh and uh, Brook/Sanji is a pairing I now want to play with >> ((please tell me I'm not the only one))
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Oh look! Halloween art!


Sanji agreed to be a model for me while I tried to create clothing designs. And then because I was listening to some of the music [ profile] dark_puck was kind enough to let me have, he turned into a vampire.

Quick sketch which makes me grin.

Well you might get the ladies.... )

I have to say, I'm kinda in love with the outfit and it may one day make itself into a proper picture...

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Another Op sketch!

Erinlin requested 'How about one of the Strawhats trying to knit? Successfully or not!' I did a quick 5 minute thing before, but this image hit me in the middle of the night and well, I just had to do it ^___^

I want someone to write it dammit! )

If you can figure out my rough sketch of course >>;


Sep. 18th, 2011 03:02 pm
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[ profile] digistorm requested Luffy in glasses...

The Results amuse me ^__^ )

You can still request One Piece sketches.... And I'll work on them when everything else frustrates me!
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This was the picture I drew for myself!! Luffy and Ace in their 'Strong' outfits! Because...I don't think I've actually done a pic of the two boys just looking awesome together, so this is it ^___^

They make it look good )

Of Friends

Aug. 18th, 2011 08:29 am
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First off. Thanks

Just thank you guys.

I'm doing my best to just focus on FanExpo as an immediate goal and let that get me through the worst of the days.

So far, it's kept me sane.

And allowed me to do some art. One Piece art in particular has really helped. Probably because I can't help but remember their strength as I draw them.

So, for all of you, I finally finished all the Stawhats in button form and I give them to you!

Two Years only made them look better )
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Shanks Button ) took me long enough to draw him.


And now I want to do more.

((did you know doing art keeps one distracted?))
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Trying to stay cheerful...

A One Piece/Fairy Tail crossover chibi pic!

Yummy? )
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And again with the buttons!

Chopper this time! )


*huggles him*
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Oh wow, the One Piece boys are behaving today! I got Zoro finished earlier and now Sanji and Usopp as well!!

This pleases me.

More buttons! )

And yes, Sanji got an epic pose because I feel that he's suffered enough after the timeskip and I wanted to remind him that he can still be badass.
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So...are you tired of buttons yet?

Zoro this time! )

...I think he kinda turned out sexy....
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Next button done:

Nico Robin )

...and for some reason my hands are really shaky today. It's slightly annoying.


Jul. 13th, 2011 06:24 pm
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Remember the dragon sketch you saw a photo of? Well, it's being a bitch and so I switched to something else. Instead of dragons, I decided to draw Phoenixes! And I actually got a sketch done ((which is now scanned, inked and base colour put on)) But of course when I mentioned this to a friend her first reaction was 'Which one, the Pirate or the Lawyer?'

Sadly I just stared at her blankly for a few minutes before I got what she was saying.

And then she laughed and demanded art.

So here, have a quick (10 minutes yeah!) sketch of these two phoenixes ) until the actual mythological birds are coloured!

The boys actually didn't turn out half-bad. huh.

Also, [ profile] maderr you are a horrible distraction! Instead of doing art this morning (like I should have) I ended up reading Dance with the Devil! And then re-read The Missing Butterfly ((cause i seriously love that book)) and got sunburned because I lost track of time.

So I grr at you!! And also send love.


Jul. 10th, 2011 02:23 pm
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Well, my internet connection is a little more reliable now ((thankfully)) so I can finally get back on here!!!

And on the art front...well....we've lowered the does of one of my meds so my focus is slowly coming back, but I also realized something. I haven't really just, well, played with my art.

I mean, even all my little silly sketches get hours spent on them! I think, I've kinda just been trying too hard and so I wanna try and re-teach myself how to play in between doing 'workish' art.

And so, I'm just going to try and sketch out whatever image invades my head and if they are silly things ((or just fleeting thoughts)) then I'm not going to try and make them perfect! I'm just going to sketch! Because, looking back to a few years ago, that's what kept me sane and happy and productive!

And since now seems like a good time to start, I give you a sketch!

Red-Shirt Sanji appears once more! )

....and even though it's really rough and such...I have to admit I do like my sketches >>; And lets face it, I need the practice.

Oh! And since I've been gone for so is everyone? I hope you're doing well and know that I was thinking of you ^____^
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Finished that pic I was talking about! You know the one that is just slightly creepy? It's a One Piece fanart of Trafalgar Law and Bepo and well....hmmmm.

I'm kinda in love with it )
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At AN I met the coolest, most awesome (VERY accurate looking) Trafalgar Law cosplayer who was an absolute charmer! Although he scared me at first by running across the field and picking me up in a hug, but that was because I was dressed as Ace ^^;

Anyways, I gave him a Luffy button and a buisness card and he promised to get in contact and wanted to see a button of Law, and so...

I did one ^^ )

And now back to work.

Oh! And since I didn't get a table and all my button parts are pulled out, this weekend I'll be having an art sale if anyone is interested. There will be quite a few deals as well since I want to clear out a lot of my old stock so that I can try and get a bit of a fresh start this summer.



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