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Yeah! More art for you guys!! I think I'm finally getting back in to the swing of things....

So, this one...I don't know if it was a prompt or requested in a chat/comment/etc....but it was teasing me last night and so it got drawn.

It was Katara and Zuko, something for Halloween.

This is what was drawn )


I really like Katara in this one >>
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So yes.....umm you haven't gotten any sort of contact from me because Kempenfest is this weekend and well, I have over 5000 buttons to make and prints top cut and a booth to set up and still more art to do and bookmarks and just...yeah.


That doesn't mean I don't still want to show you art!

So here, in apology for my silence, have one of my favourite Avatar Sketches turned into a print!

Impossible Jumps )
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I realized that I need up doing a lot of art in comments and not many people ever get to see it. They're usually rushed quick little things, but maybe I should start sharing....

These were for [ profile] suzukiblu ((as most of the art usually is >>;)) She is EVIL!!!!!

Vampire Jetko )

Yeah, like I said, quick and rushed, but still fun to do and they haunted my dreams for the past two nights so yeah... ^^;
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More Tiger Chibis...but this time, something a little different...

Brothers will be brothers... )
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Yeah, I decided to do more of them ^^

Katara and Sokka )
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This is for [ profile] dark_puck because she is beyond awesome and is responsible for most of my icons ^___^

As I promised:

Haru/Ty Lee )

Now, before I continue doing the art I want, I should work on the art I NEED to do. So hopefully I reach my daily goal and can offer you guys more art!

Wish me luck!


Feb. 14th, 2010 08:30 pm
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More Tiger stuff! This time with Suki! But not chibi >>

Sokka is a very lucky man... )
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Since the girls seem to be showing up more today then any other....I decided to post this as well.

Remember the 'kick-ass' Katara sketch?

This is it coloured )
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This is one I had wanted to do for a while and well, since it's Valentine's day and I need to practice Ozai anyways....

I'll always believe it was love )


Feb. 14th, 2010 12:57 pm
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So, it's Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year!

Expect a lot of art out of me today because I have quite a few drawings that I want to do.

These are the first of them and are dedicated to my little brother because, Tiger is his year, we`re both half-Chinese and well, Toph is his favourite character and his name is Lee ((yes it`s also part of my first name as well >>;))

Meow? )
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Well, Mai refused to be drawn ;; so I had to settle with Jet and Zuko.

G rating and mostly done for a warm fluffy feeling....

It doesn't even taste good.... )


Am still hoping Mai decides to cooperate since Gokudera just growled at me ;;

Dragon Sex

Jan. 30th, 2010 01:39 pm
luco: (dragon-tounge) has come to my attention that people actually read comments.

They also seem rather interested in ummm the more interesting pictures I tease and taunt [ profile] suzukiblu with.

So after quite a few requests on where to find them, I'm just going to make a post with all the art dealing with Dragon!Zuko and Jet and well, now there is Dragon!Haru as well and probably soon to be other dragons >>

It started because of this and just didn't know when to end ;; It's not my fault, I swear!!

So warnings:


There is nudity, sex between dragons and humans, also some cuddling and such. And maybe slight non-con...but it may just be discomfort >>; Just, be careful okay?

You have been warned )


Jan. 20th, 2010 05:49 pm
luco: (robin -use your hands) backgrounds are indeed slowly improving...

I also coloured the Katara sketch with all the water behind her. But that's for the Auction at Katsucon so you may get to see it after ^^

Hope you enjoy these:

Sokka snuggling Zuko )

Zuko and Aang, Dancing Dragons )

Zuko and Toph, ice cream! )
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More Bodyguard art!

This one didn't fit any of the prompts, but I really wanted to share because I'm getting better at backgrounds ^^ Still not all that wonderful, but I am improving!

Warnings for nudity.

Zuko wanted to play dress up... )

And yes I'm actually working on other art, but today has got me jumpy and nervous and in a bad mood, so nothing else wanted to turn out decent. I promise there will be some different stuff on the weekend ;;
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Yup! More Avatar sketrches! I'm now at the halfway mark of all the requests I've received!

Only another 50 to go!

Ty lee gives Azula a totally inappropriate B-day gift )

Katara, sanrky and kick-ass )

Katara and Zuko teaming up on Aang )

Zuko telling Uncle he likes boys, and Uncle already knowing )

For me!

Jan. 6th, 2010 10:42 pm
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Okay, I'll post it here as well, because it didn't turn out half bad....

FireLord Zuko got a new bodyguard... )
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This is all the art I've done for the Avatar Twin AU Push and Pull. Posted here ((and will be updated here)) so that [ profile] suzukiblu can keep track of it since it is pretty scattered >>;

Mostly sketches, but still kinda cute.

Twins make everything better )
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So, this is the last of the Avatar buttons...for now.

I'll do more after Christmas.

But here, enjoy these:

Read more... )

They were both hard and a lot of fun to do ^^; I hope they're okay.
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So, coloured the dogtag print.

You can tell me what you think )

I think I like it...

It has also inspired a fanfic by [ profile] alexb49 which I very much approve of ^___^

Now to finish the last of the Avatar buttons ((old people chibis are FUN!)) and then work on the OP and Reborn stuff!


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