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Next Marker picture!

Not as happy with this one, but there were some marker complications involved (such as me running out of 3 colours, not having all the colours I needed for this particular picture and accidently dropping a marker on to the picture)

But I'm still content and even if people complain that Ichigo's hollow isn't pure white in it, well, I got the feel I was going for so there.

Although I will say this...that background was a bitch to do. And yet, I wanna do someone in a kimono so that I can play with that same type of pattern on the fabric!!

Okay, I'm done rambling, here is the art:

Ichigo is scowling because he wasn't drawn first... )
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So, it's official.

I LOVE copic markers! Anyone ever wants to get me a gift? Get these and you will be adored and worshipped!

Also, this is a day I will mark on my calendar. Why? Because for once, I adore a picture I've completed, flaws and all. I think going back to traditional has helped remind me that art doesn't have to be right, it just has to FEEL right. And that is what I went with.

Sadly, I don't think the scan does it nearly enough justice, and I hope it's not too dark (because I haven't yet fixed my laptop settings) but I think it's enough to get the idea. No photoshop was used, at all ^___^

I wonder if he purrs... )

Hey art!

Feb. 3rd, 2009 11:23 pm
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So, page 6 and 7 of P4-Denial and the line-art for the Grimmjow pic I\ll hopefully not kill with markers. But it's scanned so if I do kill it I can always pull it into photoshop because I actually like this drawing.

Page 6 )

Page 7 )

Here Kitty kitty kitty... )


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