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So, today seems to have been all about the ladies. I just couldn't stop drawing them! Here are the ones that turned out decent today!

2 of the girls from Tiger and Bunny and 2 original ones!! So, yeah!

This sketch style also makes me happy! )

I'm glad I remembered this sketch style from college. It's helping me get through my 'stuck' stage quite well...
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Helped out some friends of mom's today. Had to spend 5 hours taking tickets for a silent auction at a Quilt/Craft show.

They handed me paper and a ballpoint pen to help kill boredom.

And I actually managed to get some somewhat decent comic character sketches done!!

So! Below there are sketches and some plot! Be warned!!

Yeah...I'm having fun )

And that is all for now >>;

After I eat, I will play with those One Piece requests! Feel free to request more...or hey, you can even request stuff with my characters! It would probably be some good practice and help me make some progress with them!

*loves all*

A start?

Jun. 21st, 2011 09:20 pm
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Just a quick sketch for comic. The two younger ones (siblings) are actually the main focus of the story. The other guy is just butting in and refuses to stop flirting with the brother. It's not a pairing I think will ever happen in the story, but it's still kinda fun to play >>;

Sketch of sketchiness! )

I figured in between storyboarding I'd just draw them and get use to them and figure out how I want to draw them and how they want to look....

There are actually better sketches in pen, but the scanner is not hooked up right now >>;


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