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Yeah, we did another photo shoot down in a forest we found that had a creek running through it. Was very VERY pretty there and I kinda wish we had known about it during the summer. Will have to remember for next year though. Anyways, these were some of my favourites:

And look! I'm learning to use a camera! )

So that is all. I'd type more, but there is a cat sleeping on one arm and typing with only one hand is annoying....


Nov. 5th, 2008 08:21 am
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It was beautiful out yesterday and so me and my one of my roommates took our boys out for a photo shoot, just as a change. And we got some fairly nice photos and I think I'm getting better. My two favourites are below and the rest are here because she (and I agree) want to start doing a bit more with our boys and so this is a good start. We shall see how it goes.

For now,

Enjoy )
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Almost forgot about these!

When I woke up this morning (far too early but the heat is killing my back shirt or no shirt...) and saw Delmar sitting right in the middle of sunlight. He had somehow managed to snag the only sunbeam in the whole room, much to Stray's annoyance.

And just because I thought he'd looked lovely in that golden glow, I grabbed pictures, only two really worked out, but I thought you guys might like to see ^__^

A lovely way to wake up )

So yes, couldn't resist sharing. Especially since I haven't been able to do anything else in this heat.


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