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So, a lot has happened. And a lot of it has been REALLY BAD. But, I'm alive, managing and figured that life has gone through the lowest it can go at this point and has to go up now.

And i will hold to that.

But for now, instead of an update about me, you get what I've been playing with. This is the first in a series of Avatar Fan-comics I wanna do and the only one you'll get in whole for two reasons: one, because I wanna see if I got the feel right and what you people think and two, well simply because I'm not sure what I want to do with them yet.

So here:

Oh and it has a G rating.

Bath Time )
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So, I managed to finish this damn comic this morning and I'll admit, that while it's not my greatest work, I had fun ^_____^

It's rushed, done all in ball-point pen (except the text) and so there are a lot of mistakes. But I think it's still easy to follow? I wish I had time to do it better, but yeah. Sorry.

Anyways, this is the comic form of this lovely little drabble that had me laughing my ass off. She gave me permission to do this, so read that first and then this okay? It'll let you know the pairings and such ^___^

Hopefully it's okay.

Comic version of: Defile me, Damn it! )

Warning. There are 13 pages and umm, I think I uped the rating of this story to NC-17....if not that then R? Just so you know ^^;


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