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FINALLY! This page of Legend just did NOT want to work! And I am still not pleased with the art at all....

I blame Zoro. I don't think he likes getting randomly hugged and therefore refused to be drawn anywhere near proper. Stubborn bastard....

But here! Next page!

Legend Page 45 )

And thanks guys for all the references and links! I'm going through them and creating a starting list for myself! Also, just reading your comments and seeing the reactions you had to each others lists and opinions was informative as well. It's actually really interesting just to sit back and watch. A whole story can be told just through that! that I've been good, I can finally sketch some Danny Phantom!! *happy dance* But first...I should practice the style a bit >>;

*loves to all*

And I'll keep you informed about the self-teaching bit. Well, you'll probably see it show up in my art as I learn....
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Hey! Guess what?

Legend Page 44 )

And I made sure all the other pages were tagged as well, so anyone can get caught up! I decided to just do it digitally instead of waiting for a time when I could afford the paper. So the drawing isn't as nice as I had wanted, but I still think it'll turn out fairly good and really, I just want to finish this one for you guys. So. My goal is to have two pages done a week. That way I can squeeze in other art at the same time and no one thing drains me!

Sound good?

Well, hopefully you like.


Dec. 7th, 2010 02:14 pm
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Just need to sit and play with art and happy things because well...these few days are not happy ones.

So here! Have some quick sketchy art and expect more later!

Legend-Christmas! )

I admit, I missed drawing One Piece stuff even if you can tell I am very much out of practice...

I also need to go back through the pages and remember exactly how I designed them, but I'm wondering if anyone remembers the third character in the above picture.

oh! And before I forget! Remember how I did the One Piece Christmas Buttons last year? I was wondering if anyone would be interested in an Avatar Christmas set? ((and not just for buying, but also just for looking at ^___^)) Ah, I'll probably draw them anyways just for me ^^;
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Okay, here! Have another page of Legend! And this one has Zoro, who is a bastard and refuses to be drawn properly so I must apologize for the quality...

Legend Page...40-something? )

And now I need a break. But hey I've proved to myself that I can do a page (from sketch-to ink-to complete) in one day!

More Legend

Jun. 7th, 2009 09:02 pm
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This is just a chapter page to help me get back into the Legend 'feel'. I've sketched the next actual page though, so that's a good start right?

And so begins Chapter 3 )

I missed drawing Chopperfish....


Jun. 5th, 2009 11:01 am
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So, ummm, does anyone even remember this?

Yes it is a page of Legend )

Hopefully you'll get another page before the end of the weekend....
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So, more art! Actually, it's the next page of Legend! And look it didn't take two or three months this time!!

Legend Page 39 )

Not as happy with this one, but hey it's done and I can go on to the next page! But first, i really wanna draw Zack and Cloud so I will, and maybe actually get the next page of the Plushie comic drawn....


I think my art muses like it when I'm forced to rest. They get so much use.
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So, I can finally give you:

Legend )

And as much as I love how it's turned out, I hated drawing it and thus put it off and kept putting it off until finally, I smacked myself and got it done. Now the next page shouldn't take too long to get out.

Hopefully you can see why the page(s) was driving me insane (I still know nothing about ships although I'm slowly learning ;__;) and hopefully you still enjoy ^___^
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Hey! I had some time this evening and decided to shade a certain piece of art that's been lying on my floor for awhile now.

Which I'm sure many of you are happy about.

Legend Page 36 )
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So I was smart this morning and finished the next page before i started cleaning again which would probably lead to more distractions.

So now i can finally give you the next page! Enjoy!

Legend page 35 )

I drew this while at my mom's and I remember telling her how happy I was to be drawing it again and she reminded me that it was at her place last year (well two years now >_>;), at the exact same spot, that I first started this insane project.

I just thought that was kind of neat ^__^
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During Friday and Saturday there were Fire Alarms here in Rez. Neither were drills.

Now, besides the nerve-wracking, stressful situation I learned one interesting thing about me and it wasn't until someone pointed it out to me that I had realized I had done it. Both times I had brought Delmar with me. He sits either by my bed or desk so he is always right there, but I hadn't realized I automatically reached for him and carried him down with me. I got a lot of weird looks, but I didn't care.

It just made me think....but, I'll leave that alone for now and give you the next page of Legend instead.


Legend Page 34 )
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Okay, so it hasn't quite been a month since the last page, but it's still been way too damn long and for that I'm really sorry.

But I'm not going to make any promises about the next page since as soon as I make any sort of art promise...something always comes up.

So we shall see what happens and leave it at that.

Anyways, enjoy the next page!

Legend Page 33 )
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Wow, the last page of this was put up on my b-day. over a month ago. . .

I am so sorry.

And while this page is not the greatest, I like panel 2! And if anyone wants to see the non-text version of that, let me know ^___^ Otherwise, enjoy!

Legend Page 32 )
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So first, I have to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes so far. I'll let you know how the day goes later because I'm still holding onto hope for something. . .

Until then, consider this a present!

Legend page 31 )

And I realize I forgot to tell the people who asked what I wanted for my b-day. . .opps ^^; Sorry about that. . .

And I may change this page...I'm not sure though.
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So, it's been a good few days for art hasn't it?

Legend page 30 )
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See! It hasn't been a month! Or even a week! And yet, you're already getting the next page ^____^

Aren't you proud of me?

Legend Page 29 )
luco: (woah. . .)'s once again been quite sometime since I updated this. I'm sorry ^^;

Legend Page 28 )
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So, first off, you have to worship both [ profile] hii_chan and [ profile] maho_kiwi for they are the ones who have made it possible for me to continue Legend at this time ^___^

Yup. You guessed it.

The paper I needed arrived in the mail today and I figured you guys would rather have an actual page instead of the Chapter 2 title page. Am I right? The title page will come out later, I promise, just consider this part of Chapter 2 now.

And now, I'll shut up and give you:

Legend Page 27 )

So...did anyone miss reading this? ^_____^
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Okay, now I feel a little more normal ^____^

I'll be fine once I can get myself to draw Zoro, until then. . .

This is for everyone going through 'Legend' withdrawl! ((if anyone is??)) I give you one of the cover ideas I was thinking of. Opinions are welcome. This is just a quick grey-scale version to remind me later of what I want to do with sorry about the quality.

He's such a tease... )

Oh and you can thank Delmar for the pose. Without him I couldn't have done's still not right, but hey, I'm getting better!
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Still feeling very much out of it, but I figured I'd give you guys the next Legend page because it finally got shaded.

And with this, I end Chapter One of this insane little story ^___^ I'm so glad youy guys still seem to be interested in this.

Legend page 26 )


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