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So, it's V-day. And a good friend of mine needed some cheering up and she asked me to do the following for her.

And I'm sure I look silly, but meh. She's more important then that. )

...and those are things I just pulled out of my closet >> Am seriously considering fixing it up, adding a few more pieces and using it for AN. But we shall see. Also....all of you who commented about the dance....

I'm going to buy the ticket.

And let what happens, happen.

Thanks for your encouragement.
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Well, now that Kaito is done ((or that pic at least)) I started work on the Christmas ornaments I'm painting ^___^ They are for a craft show in a few weeks and...oh...hold on a minute. Got to praise the cat for bringing me a dead mouse.


Okay, that's done, now back to this!

As I was saying! I'm painting the ornaments the same way I'd do the designs on my fabric and I promised a few people I'd show in progress pics! I'll be posting them on Tumblr ((and do a mass post here later)), but THIS one I had to share here simply because I look very ummm...'intense' about wanting to show you this shiny ball....

Look! or else... )

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Oh yeah, forgot to mention I cut my hair short and went a lighter colour again!

Results here if you wish to see )
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I made Mom a birthday cake yesterday!!

And it kinda turned out pretty... )

And...I finished some more buttons. These are all from Puella Magi Madoka Magica! Which, if you have not watched it, GO DO SO NOW!!!! It's only 12 episodes but damn. And if you're meh at first, just wait till the end of episode 3 before completely deciding okay?

Now on to buttons )

Now I'm going to take a short dancing break and then work on Zoro and Sanji's buttons...
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My two favourite coffe mugs EVER!!! )


A photo of the newest dragon pic I'm working on! )

It's just a small portion of it, but the rest is far too sketchy to mean anything to anyone but me >>; But it's another fairly big drawing >_< I can seem to do anything simple!
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Okay!!! I has some photos I have gathered from people from Anime North and the Cosplay Picnic!! So, this will be quite image heavy and full of much sillyness(stupidity >>;))

Just warning you.


AND!!!! Someone took a video of the Anime North One Piece photo shoot! So you can see it here And near the end of the first part you can see just how [ profile] ukiiukii got me into the photoshoot. I was NOT impressed...although everyone else was amused >>;

And people at the picnic said they loved my Ace cosplay which makes me oh so very happy ^_____^
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Still waiting for [ profile] ukiiukii to send me pics (and video) from the weekend...but he's busy with life so I understand.


BUT! Luckily the absolutely charming Zoro we met sent a pic to me via facebook and I think it sums up the weekend quite nicely and thought I'd share.

And yes, there was a guy dressed up as a background )

He actually belonged to a DBZ cosplayer and I didn't really notice him till after the photo was taken >>; Also, the gun is borrowed from a friend who was doing Steampunk. It just seemed to fit...
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Most people go to the mall and buy something.

I go to the mall...

And this happens! )


Apr. 26th, 2011 04:28 pm
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Yup! This post is for [ profile] dark_puck who wanted to see the earring I was wearing in the last post and also, I just wanted an excuse to tease her because my hair is awesome!!

So Nyeh! )
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Yeah. That really says it all. Oh! And someone (can't remember who) wanted proof that, yes, I'm actually still physically healthy and alive and not a zombie, so here:

Have photo! )
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I'm going to start this new year off with photos! About 40 of them actually...just so you're warned ^^;

Stuff since October! )

So yes, I'm starting off the new year bu enjoying some of the GOOD parts of last year. But right now, I think I want a nap...


Nov. 5th, 2008 08:21 am
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It was beautiful out yesterday and so me and my one of my roommates took our boys out for a photo shoot, just as a change. And we got some fairly nice photos and I think I'm getting better. My two favourites are below and the rest are here because she (and I agree) want to start doing a bit more with our boys and so this is a good start. We shall see how it goes.

For now,

Enjoy )


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