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So I didn't show another in-progress pic of Will, because, it's now done ^___^ Hopefully people like it, since I'm pleased with how it turned out and I learned quite a bit from colouring this one...

I really like his sash.... )

And yeah, I know Orlando's sun is suppose to be on the other side, but it didn't work, so we will just say that Will has his on this side, okay >_>;

Also, quite a few people have asked for prints of this (which amuses me) so if anyone else would like to get one, tell me now, since I'll be doing the printing monday and shipping them Tuesday/Wednesday with the last of the notebooks and such.

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So, we were without power all last night and most of today, thus i wasn't able to work on this as much as i had wanted to, but it's in the colouring stage and i figured I'd keep showing you guys how it's coming along.

So, am I killing it? )

On another note....

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So, I think I have the torso working now (and you guys were right, he does have a long torso and even longer legs O__o;) so tell me what you think, before I move on to the sash and belt, please?

Yo ho ho.. )
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So, in a Will Turner community, a challenge (prompt) was thrown up today for either designing a flag for the Flying Dutchman or else a tattoo for Will and well, I really wanted to try my hand at the tattoo, but first I needed a base to put it on, thus I had to try and draw Will.

Now, we know I can do him Chibi fairly well and the sketchy stuff has been pretty hit or miss, but I really want to try and do a 'finished' pic of him. And i think I have a workable sketch. Need to change the legs and fix a few other problem areas, but so far, I think I'm getting what I'm after. His tattoo will go over the scar across his heart and won't be added till the end, but I'll let you guys see how it's starting:

A somewhat decent Will Turner pic? )
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Yes, the pirates wanted to play and I couldn't help but agree and so you get another Jack/Will mini comic thing, which is really sketchy. So sketchy in fact that I'm not sure I'll be posting it at any community....

Meh, it could just be that I'm tired and sore and rather disgruntled with life. I'll give it a few hours and see if I like it.

Although I will admit, it amuses me ^^;

Pirates have many talents... )

Quick and too the point ^___^


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