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Brain is melting from the heat....


And tomorrow is going to be even worse. They said it'll be a record-breaker for the year and one we haven't seen since 19??.

Even in the basement, (with very little clothing on) I'm DYING!!! And trying to concentrate on this phoenix picture is just not happening, although, it is turning out really pretty. I'd show you in-progress, but I kinda want to surprise you guys with the final image ^___^

ANYWAYS.....I was going to do some silly little sketches of characters just trying to beat the heat, or enjoying it, but a melted brain isn't coming up with anything at all.

Any suggestions?
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I'm severely annoyed and frustrated today. No I won't go into details, just know that it's a day where you wanna tear things(people) apart and scream, cry and laugh while you do so.

But, sitting here just thinking about it will not help and a hot shower, a good book on the porch swing, and some exercise have sadly done nothing sooooo....the only other cure for this foul mood that I can think of is cuteness!

So CHIBI PROMPT!!!! Tell me a character you wanna see Chibi! I don't care if it's your own, a real person, anime, western cartoon, video game, etc.

((and on a side-note....during the summer, once I'm caught up on commissions and convention stuff is fairly stable, I will be going back through my journal and completing all the unfinished prompts. It's one of my goals for this year >>;))
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Okay, to hopefully help me overcome this stupid artist block, and in honor of it being the year of the bunny ((and seriously, how awesome is that for me?)) I'm asking you to name a character you want bunnified! They may end up cute and chibi, sexy, silly or as actual bunnies!

Hopefully *glares at stupid block*

And you may choose from the following:

One Piece
Phineas and Ferb
Danny Phantom
Kingdom Hearts
Persona 3 or 4

*crosses fingers*
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Am working on the next Legend Page and well, I want something to reward myself with afterwards!

And since people seemed to be interested....I'm going to take requests for Danny Phantom art which will get done after Legend! (or in between when I get stuck >>;)

I'm curious to see how creative you guys can get with the whole half-ghost thing and well, a lot can be done in that world (at least I think so). So, requests for mini comics are also allowed. It'll be good fro me to branch out in to another style again and I find I'm more creative afterwards!
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It's Halloween!!

And I'm in a manic high! Actually I've been in it for a few days >>; But hey! It's fun!!! ((even though crashing at the end will not be, but such is life))

So, in honor of all this extra energy....can I get some Halloween prompts? Please? They can be from:

One Piece
Criminal Minds

BUT! They HAVE to be Halloween themed! I mean I'll accept just silly outfits, werewolves, vampires, events, masquerades, cross-dressing, etc

The only thing I have to ask is NO ZOMBIES!!!! I am terrified of them and so will NOT draw them. Otherwise, keep me occupied?

I mean, I already carved a chocobo on one of our pumpkins and the monster hunter dancing cats on the other >>;


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