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Have some more sketches to post!! From Tumblr, so if you are there, you are seeing this again...

It was not a good day...

But this one was better and I declared it a 'Do nothing day!' Because everyone deserves it!

Things drawn before coffee.....


Actually it’s because of a dream I had where Kotetsu ends up getting some Tiger attributes due to the meddling of the Scientists at Apollon. They were trying to think of ways to help him keep up with Bunny and this was a solution.

It was only suppose to increase his speed, reflexes, and balance naturally, without using his NEXT ability. The additional body parts were a side effect.

It was the one image of Kotetsu screaming at the Scientists about not asking his permission-and then noticing he has a tail….and that could lead to quite a few possibilities…. that is seriously making me consider doing short little comics of this.

Hold close the one you love. Cherish each minute…

((OR!! The none sappy version below:))



‘Can I make the carpet match the drapes?’

‘Of course you ca…wait! You’re not talking about-!’

‘Yup and thank you love! You’ll look so cute! I’ll even let you pick out the shaving gel on the way home.’



“What are you doing with MY clothes??!”

“I figured this was the only way to get drawn. And it worked.”

“Well yeah, but now what am I suppose to wear?”

“My suit? Or you could always wear the Red Shirt’.”

“….you know what that shirt does to people.”

“Exactly my point.”

“Wear the Red Shirt!’

“B-bunny?! When did you get here?”

“Do it Old Man!”

“….This will not end well”

That is all...for now...

And question. What do you think of this style?

Oh and tonight I will be responding to comments...since I'm a little calmer now and can actually if you've been commenting, expect to have your inbox full ^^;

....I think I'm going to need some T & B icons >>
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