Mar. 3rd, 2012 09:08 pm
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I'm house sitting and have lots of space to pull out paper and pencils and draw!!!

And we all know that I like drawing pretty dresses...

Well I think they're pretty.... )


Feb. 21st, 2012 11:52 am
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Did someone try to call me from their work? Because it was a US company (that wanted an extension put in) and they asked for me....but mom accidentally hung up the phone >>;

Please feel free to call back since I has the phone now ^^
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So, it's V-day. And a good friend of mine needed some cheering up and she asked me to do the following for her.

And I'm sure I look silly, but meh. She's more important then that. )

...and those are things I just pulled out of my closet >> Am seriously considering fixing it up, adding a few more pieces and using it for AN. But we shall see. Also....all of you who commented about the dance....

I'm going to buy the ticket.

And let what happens, happen.

Thanks for your encouragement.
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Well, you know you're exhausted when you can sleep

Like This... )

Brother got the pic with his phone....I guess I've been a little out of it >>;
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Another T&B art dump.

.....actually all this art has been helping improve my anatomy. Possibly. I think?

It's fun at least, which is what I need right now. Hope you guys aren't getting sick of it?

OH!!! There is one pic with Ace and Fire Emblem swapping clothes in case anyone (besides me) is interested ^^;

Tiger, why do I love you so? )

So there you go!! ((sorry images get cut off in LJ, but I didn't want to shrink them down so, uh, right click and view image that way?))


Jan. 27th, 2012 01:21 pm
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Yesterday someone on Tumblr requested art of, well, me.

I was kinda surprised and had to give it a shot.

Here are the results )

I was actually surprised by how much some people liked it... Don't know how many realized who it was, but still, it made me smile.
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So, today seems to have been all about the ladies. I just couldn't stop drawing them! Here are the ones that turned out decent today!

2 of the girls from Tiger and Bunny and 2 original ones!! So, yeah!

This sketch style also makes me happy! )

I'm glad I remembered this sketch style from college. It's helping me get through my 'stuck' stage quite well...
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Mermaids are stuck in my brain right now.

You'll have to deal with it.

Although this is more like merman but meh... )
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Another T & B quick sketch. This time Nathan and Kotetsu.

Really...I just wanted to try out my new Dreamwidth account....

And to play around! )
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So I talked to the doctor.

I was told this is going to take quite some time to recover from and that the first month or two will be hell as they try to find the right dosage to keep my blood thin enough to go to my brain but not too thin that it causes other damage....or lets the clot move.

Which would be bad.

...also, I'll have to go for another MRI, I think it was, because my reaction times and memory are worse then they were before the fall. Hopefully that is nothing permanent. In the mean-time I'm simply to rest and try and stay relaxed.

That would have worked, except I caught a cold, and having a sore, swollen throat, while coughing a lot is NOT good when you have a clot in your throat. So now, that is another session with doctors and close observation and really....I'll be happy when all this is over.

Thus today I'm going to drink tea ((from my pretty swan teapot)), have my cough drops beside me, a warm blanket over me and I'm just going to draw and read and ignore the rest of the world. Well, except my bunny who seems to know I'm not well and does his best to make me smile and demands cuddles and petting.

Here, you can have some of the art I've been doing. Ace managed to sneak his way in! And you can see two in-progress pics of the pic I'm working on right now so yeah?

Stuff to look at? )
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I just feel like crying today.

Blood-thinners needed to be upped again. I'm getting more tired. They tried to let me on light exercise and that failed horribly so I'm back to very little movement and I'm just...


...possibly? I don't know. I don't feel attached to myself and can't gain any motivation to DO anything. Not even turn on the PSP or PS3.

Any suggestions?
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Yup! That doesn't go under a cut because I know too many people here who are just like this(me)!!

And you can have two more pics under the cut!

First is a 'need a hug' moment and the other is well...NSFW okay?

Yes it's still Tiger & Bunny art >>;; )
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Have some more sketches to post!! From Tumblr, so if you are there, you are seeing this again...

Mostly T & B with one One Piece one ^___^ )

That is all...for now...

And question. What do you think of this style?

Oh and tonight I will be responding to comments...since I'm a little calmer now and can actually focus...so if you've been commenting, expect to have your inbox full ^^;

....I think I'm going to need some T & B icons >>
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Hey look! Original art!!

Remember the Phoenixes I was working on really LONG ago? Well it's done!!

You may see it here:

What do you think? )

Not completely pleased....and can people tell me the One Piece reference?
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Back from doctors. So, there is still a bit of a clot in my neck, thus I have to be careful of the left-side.
Will be on blood thinners for 6 months to start. Need to go for weekly blood tests and have been warned that blood will get REALLY thin and to expect bruising from someone breathing on me.

Tiredness is a combination of the blood thinners and I now have really low blood pressure. Doctor told me it was a good thing I had been exercising and such before all this or else I could have been a LOT worse off.

They're probably going to send me to a specialist to make sure there is no permanent nerve-damage or something...and I'll need another CT scan soonish which means another IV ;___;


On another note, NO ONE believes that I'm 27. It's really weird...

Oh and yes art! Mom inspired this one...well this whole situation has really... I kinda like it.

Once upon a time... )


Jan. 2nd, 2012 02:39 pm
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My balance is still off slightly and I'm still extremely tired most of the time. Supposedly I shouldn't be.

Mom...is a basket-case. She's so very worried and I don't know if she should be or if it's just she is a loving mom and they worry like no one else can when their kids are hurting. I'm doing my best to behave because I don't like seeing her in tears.

Lee thinks it's something he's done that has her upset and I'm not sure if I should let him think that, or get him worried about me as well ((which would be worse)) Either way, I go for a blood test tomorrow and see my family doctor.

Hopefully it's just the blood thinners that need to be adjusted.

This is where I'm kinda glad for the distance that BPD gives me. I'm seeing the situation, but not panicking.

...I want good news, or at least manageable news tomorrow.
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First artwork for 2012!!

Yeah it's Tiger & Bunny, well Nathan/Antonio + Kotetsu to be exact... BUT! It's all coloured on one layer!! Yup! I decided to challenge myself and did the whole thing, bg and characters all on one layer! The colours that happened because of that I think are pretty cool ^___^

So over all I am pleased. Plus this is a bribe to get more fic, so hopefully it works >>;

Anyways, please enjoy!

This is what happens when you show up after hours... )

Also...O kind of over-did it yesterday trying to help mom clean and get stuff ready for New Years so...I've been basically grounded and confined to bed/one level which means I'm bored. I'm going to go through unfinished art and work on it but if anyone wants to give my prompts to do in between I'd appreciate it!! I'll accept anything from :

One Piece
Tiger & Bunny
Disgaea 4
....well those are the ones sticking in my head right now. You can request from others, but there is less chance it'll get done ^^;

And for those of you new here, you can request pretty much anything. I mean I've done tentacles and dragon-porn and have gone the full range from crackish to smutty. The only things I will not draw is rape.

...I hate being stuck in one place *pouts*
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Forgot to mention some of the nice stuff that came out of hospital trip.

You know how most people get flowers or baskets of goodies sent to them while in the hospital? Well I got a Sleigh full of goodies!!

It's really cute! )
And it's made of wood and when I'm better I'll make a nice little blanket to go inside and Delmar and Stray will fit quite nicely into it!

Yeah, not the greatest pic of me, but what can you do? Well you could always admire my hat, because it is awesome and stayed with me because I wanted a small piece of comfort. If you can see a white fuzzy bunny in there, that is what mom bought me to cuddle. I named him Spatula. Don't know why...

But the other thing that came out of this, I realized just how much I meant to mom and Lee. Both of them slept in till noon today, finally relieved that I was home and I swear all night I could feel a hand holding mine. I'm pretty sure they were constantly checking up on me and even today...they're always passing by and just checking up on me.

It's a nice feeling.

...although I bled on my brand new sheets last night ;___; Shouldn't have taken the bandage off the IV hole near my elbow...

Ah well. Still confined to bed, so expect more art as I have NOTHING else to do...
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Here have art since I can't settle down. The first you didn't see earlier because of hospital timing and the second was a gift to myself for coming home.

The Morning After )

Fanservice makes everyone feel better )

Made it.

Dec. 29th, 2011 04:17 pm
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Home now. I'm still being closely monitored but the doctor released me to my own bed. Which is nice since I just missed being stuck in isolation. Something bad was going around my ward and my roommate caught it.

I was cleared thankfully, but they didn't want to chance me getting anything while my system is still busy restoring itself. The Iv holes hurt like hell and bled quite a bit and my other arm is not happy from all the vampire visits, and my stomach is bruised from all the injections but I have clothes on and a comfy bed. Also my family. Which I missed terribly.

Still have a horrid headache and dizziness and far too much weak-feeling but I am alive and have my tablet again. So I can at least draw while on meds, which is always amusing.

I'll continue to keep you guys updated though. I should be fully cleared in a week or two if things continue to go well.

Oh. And if you breath on me, I bruise. Stupid blood-thinners...

Also walking around has made me nauseous. This...is going to take some getting use to.


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