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Yup!! It's 8059!!! I am so out of practice drawing them, but I still think it's kinda pretty >>

Because I love you )
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Because a lot of people on my f-list learned of me through 8059...

I just wanted to do something small and somewhat cute to remind you that I have not forgotten them.

Hearts! )


Aug. 21st, 2009 12:54 pm
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Here have another bookmark!

Hibari this time! )

The bastard fought me every step of the way...but his chibi turned out rather cute....


Aug. 20th, 2009 08:45 pm
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To all who helped me out yesterday and wished me a Happy Birthday today...

This is how I feel )

So thank-you. It was comforting and meant a lot to me.


And on a side-note: Do you have any idea how long it took to paint those background posters? Since they were all done with no line work, just put down blocks of colour? But it was worth it I think.
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So I am going to die a very horrible death for this.

Or I would if Squalo existed anywhere besides paper. But since he does not, I am safe. For now.

And I blame [ profile] achiever for this, because ummm....

She made me do it!! I swear! It's not my fault that mermaids are shiny and therefore all things watery should be flowy and shiny and that for some reason made me think of Squalo in a mermaid tail dress....

Yeah...Squalo is not amused )

Don't expect good art (it was done rather quickly and roughly), I just really needed to get the image out of my head >_>;
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So, since I was asked to continue the Rainbow Team's adventures...I will!

That and it's really too damn hot today to even think properly today...

The sky always looks pretty when covered in a rainbow.. )

And in other news, I dyed my hair dark brown.
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Ah hem....

So, rainbows seem to spread stupidity...that is my only excuse.

Actually, I blame it all on [ profile] ukiiukii


Because I drew this and then she drew this and now I sketched this )

So even though I guess you could say I started it, it is still her fault.

And yes I know the art sucks, but I have other things I need to work on, so I may go back and do a better picture once what I HAVE to do is complete.

Actually i don't even have to do it, but I still have fish on the brain and am working on a mermaid picture and so I wanna get that done before I start another actual picture and not just a quick sketch.

Oh! And all this is also dedicated to [ profile] onikotsu Because really, it was her phone conversation that put the idea in my head.
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Okay, the hardest part about this one, was trying to draw while laughing!

This was inspired by a phone conversation a while back where I was reminded about something:

Warning, LOTS of colour )

I kinda really wanna get a poster of this for myself because it makes me smile and shake my head at myself, but also, is it just me or does Yamamoto look kinda vampire-like?

I think I need to make an icon out of Yamamoto too....

Pain = Art?

Aug. 9th, 2009 11:19 pm
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Well since I can't really do anything but curl up and draw, you guys get art. Can't tell whether it is fluffy or sad, but I am rather proud of the background. I've been getting better.

Oh and I guess a warning for a bloody semi-naked Gokudera?

Just wanted to call and say Hi! )

That is all. Now I will try and sleep....and thanks everyone.


Aug. 7th, 2009 08:33 pm
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Was going through the files on my computer and found this sketch. Have no idea when I started it, but meh I decided to finish it. Don't like it as much as the earlier one, but it's still kinda pretty to look at. And yes it's Gokudera, but with what I'm pretty sure is TYL Yamamoto...

Like I said. No clue when or why I first sketched this.

I still hate you. I know. )

I promis the next art I post will actually have effort put into it... because you guys deserve better.


Aug. 7th, 2009 09:24 am
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I don't know exactly what I did, but I HURT! My whole lower back and hips have been in pain for a week now and nothing is easing it. Good thing I have doctor's appointment next week.

Anyways, I have a lot to update about, but I is lazy at the moment (blame pain killers) and so you just get art!

Actually the art is for my idiot (yes you [ profile] ukiiukii ) because she has had a rough few weeks...It's just a quick thing but hopefully helps?

Yes more 8059... )

Now I'm going to lie down and try to get to the point where I can move around. So you'll have to excuse me for a bit.


Jul. 23rd, 2009 06:38 pm
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Still not an actual update, but this image has been in my head since the weekend when I saw the Ryohei in the orange jumpsuit...and has not left so I was forced to sit down and work on it.

Didn't come out nearly as nice as I wanted it to, but hey it's another one of those 10 minute play sketches.

But I may have to do a good version of it at a later date. Now back to things I SHOULD be doing.

Enjoy? )
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So internet has been either slow or down all week, thus the no responses from me.

So instead I do art. Which is normal. But this picture...although Gokudera fanart, is not one I would have ever thought of doing.

It's kinda pretty though... )

There is a story in this picture, I just haven't figured out what it is yet....

And I think I like the no colour version better, so I may use that for something later.
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Blah. Hate how colds from Cons seem to linger and linger.....and it doesn't help that it's rainy and depressing.

Ah well, did some random art to cheer me up and you can blame Yamamoto smoking on my friend since while dressed up as him this past weekend she pulled out a cigarette to give to me and my brain really liked that image...

So enjoy! )

Now sleep.


May. 14th, 2009 12:23 pm
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So I has art and pictures of some of the buttons I'm making for Anime North including the Zack ones!

But first, art:

Varia Buttons (minus 2) )

For hii_chan! Tsuna and 'Dera, first kiss )

And now, buttons!! )

So yes, all that is done, now, I need to keep working on more...

Today I think will be a button day (with maybe a random picture in there to keep me sane) I'm hoping to do a few more Reborn ones and then start the One Piece ones and get another Zack (Cait Sith) done as well.

And if Hibari behaves, I would like to start his bookmark this evening as well...


May. 7th, 2009 10:48 pm
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Just realized how few days I have before Anime North....

Ah well, I'll manage somehow. But here, have more art!

Ryohei Bookmark )

And Gokudera bloody once again... )
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So, it seems when I wanna not think I do art. I have about 5 other sketches in progress, but these two are actually done and yeah expect to see more because I really just need to stay busy right now.

But thank you guys.

'Dera has a stalker... )

And he really needs to learn to not tease jocks... )
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So yesterday, even though I had a whole bunch of plans made, non of them got done. Why? Because a storm came out of nowhere and completely threw me off track. It was literally bright and sunny one minute and the next almost pitch black in my room and then the rain starts up and that usually saps my energy for a good few hours until I get use to it.

So during this time, I sat on my bed and read and then decided to try and sketching. I guess it's no surprise that I ended up drawing these two but yeah...

Hopefully today will be better?

All Reborn art, will have something different today though, I promise!

Icecream? )

Just lounging )

Ummm...ties.... )
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Hey look! Another bookmark!

And it is also shiny!! )
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So, when one is frustrated and bored, drawing cute little things seem to help. I give to you:

Cute little Ring Guardians? )


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